Rare Air: Michael on Michael

In this autobiography completed before his retirement from basketball on October 7 of this year, Michael talks about his love for the game, his devotion to his family, his competitiveness, and his sense of self in the midst of the insanity that defines modern celebrity. Complementing his brief but eloquent narrative are dozens of beautiful color photographs by Walter Iooss, one of Sports Illustrated's top photographers. The photos encompass virtually every aspect of Michael's life. There are action shots on court and pictures of Michael on the golf course; with his wife, in the bubble bath with the kids, before the game, and after the game soaking his sore feet. Volumes have been written about Jordan, and more are sure to come, but this simple, straightforward, and handsome autobiography will suffice as a personal statement from the man to all those who have admired his unforgettable deeds as a player. Wes Lukowsky